Pucks & Balls

Ice Hockey Pucks

100% Czech Republic hockey pucks. Official weight and dimensions. Used throughout Canadian/American/International leagues. Item Codes: PUCKS – 6OZ black puck (case of 100) MPUCK – 4OZ blue mite puck (case of 100) TPUCK – 10OZ orange training puck (case of 100) WTPUCK...

Mini Hockey Set

A&R Mini Goal Set has a simple setup. It’s a 26” × 20” goal with a slip-on netting, sturdy PVC tube frame, one goalie stick, one player stick, one foam ball. Item Code: MGSET PLAYST – Mini Player Stick GOALST – Mini...

Puck Packs

Regulation black pucks available in 12PK (BOP). Pucks are also offered in shrink wrap set of six (all variations).