TuffTerrys™ – (New Prints)

TuffTerrys™ – (New Prints!)

NEW PRINTS/STYLE:  Xmas, Shamrock and Emoji.

A&R TuffTerrys™ are the Premier terry cloth blade covers on the market. Reinforced with durable polypropylene on the bottom both inside and outside, they offer a greater degree of protection from sharp blades while wicking away moisture to help keep them rust free. A&R TuffTerrys™ are available in a vast assortment of colors.

Colors: Tye Dye, Camo, Pink Camo, Neon Lime, Flag, Fire, Maple Leaf, Gum Drop, Purple, Teal, Pink, Black, Skull, Kelly Green, Red, Gold, Orange,  Navy, Neon Pink, Hunter Green, Silver, Maroon, Neon Orange and Royal Blue.  Neon Green, Winter Camo, Red Bandana, Blue Camo. New:  Xmas, Shamrock, Emoji

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Approximate Skate Size:

HOCKEY – Small – Up to 1 Medium – 2 through 6 Large – 7 and Up
FIGURE – Small – Up to 13 Medium – 1 through 5 Large – 6 and Up

No minimum.

TuffTerrys™ – (New Prints) Images Available for Download:

TuffTerrys New Design Emoji Shamrock Xmas