Helmet Accessories

Ventilated Skull Cap

Our lightweight skull cap has a ventilated crown allowing heat to transfer from the body. It fits snugly but comfortably beneath a helmet or can be worn alone. Black and Pink. One size fits all SKCAP

Helmet Repair Kit

Helmet Repair Kit

HRKIT – Helmet Repair Kit comes complete with a Phillips head screwdriver, two each Jclip, Dome, Helmet Buckle, Long, Steel Clip, and four each Short Screw and Short Back Nut in a mini-toolbox with a secure locking mechanism.

Helmet & Skate Hardware

DOME – Dome Screw FEMALE – Female Blade Runner Nut HB – Helmet Buckles 5/8″. Available in White or Black. JCLIP – Straight, Plastic LONG – Long Screw MALE – Male Blade Rubber Screw SBACK – Short Back Nut SCLIP – Steel...

Chin Straps with Buckles

Item Codes: CHIN12: Bag of 12 (single 17″ strap with two 5/8″ buckles, black or white) ICHIN: Retail Bag (black, white, skull) SLING12: Bag of 12 (Three-piece kit includes looped strap, 2” cheek loop, one buckle) ISLING: Retail Bag (black, pink, navy,...

Player Chin Cup

A&R Player Chin Cups are made of thick, molded foam and come with a 25” chin strap and two helmet buckles (one size fits all). Colors: White, Black

Number Decals

Each decal set contains twenty-six 2” self-adhesive numbers, eight #1 and two each of #0-9. Colors: Royal, Yellow, Black, Red, Pink, White Item Code: NDC