Ice Hockey Pucks

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, A&R’s pucks are made of vulcanized rubber and adhere to the strictest standards of hardness, weight, rebound elasticity, flatness, surface quality, diameter and thickness corresponding to International and Canadian-American National Ice-Hockey Leagues.
We carry practice pucks:
Black Pucks (7 oz), Practice Blue MITE Pucks (4 oz), and Training Orange Training Pucks (10 oz)

PUCKS – Black Pucks (7 oz) Case/100
MPUCKS – Practice Blue MITE Pucks (4 oz) Case/100
TPUCKS – Orange Training Pucks (10 oz) No Minimum
ITPUCKS – Orange Training Puck in Retail bag. No Minimum.

Ice Hockey Pucks Images Available for Download:

IceHockeyPucks Black Practice
Microsoft Word – Puck Booking Program 2013.docx