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Ringette Ring

Ringettes are both a training aid and sport in their own right. For training, including USA Hockey’s ADM drills, Ringettes are used with a traditional hockey stick to help develop hand eye coordination, strength, and puck moving creativity. In the Sport of Ringette, Ringettes replace the puck, while the stick blade is replaced with a bladeless, straight stick. Though the pieces change, the goal remains the same: have fun, get in shape, and score goals!

• The official blue ringette ring

• Hollow sponge rubber construction

• Durable and official sized

• 6″ Diameter Ringettes as training aid

• Use as part of USA Hockey’s ADM drills

• Can be used to train on or off the ice

• Helps develop hand eye coordination, muscle memory, and strength on the puck

• Use while skating or while stationary to develop puck carrying skills

• The larger shape of the Ringette requires more intentional movement and helps in developing traditional puck moving talents