Grinding Wheels

Item Codes:

GW678: This multi-grit wheel is a blend of 60, 70 and 80 grit to provide the
perfect finish. It runs cool at 4400 rpm and lasts three times longer
than the average wheel. It is available as a single, 6-pk and 12-pk.

GWR80: Our 8”, 80 grit Ruby creates a smooth polish finish and is available
as a single or 6-pk.

GWB80: This 8”, 80-grit wheel is composed of ceramic aluminum oxide for
extra durability and features a Quantum grain for extra life.

GWR60: Our 6” thick cross grind wheel removes nicks and abrasions. Single.

GWDISH: This concave, beveled cross grind is the newest style wheel.

GWD: Standard diamond dresser. Single.

GW678 White Grinding Wheel

Grinding Wheels Images Available for Download: